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Getting your car keys replaced can be expensive. Even if your roadside assistance plan covers it, you’ll still need to pay the deductible.

Most modern cars have electronic keys with built in transponders. These can cost hundreds of dollars to replace at a dealership or service center. Thankfully, there are programs that can lower these costs for just a few dollars a month.

Lost Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be a very stressful and frustrating experience. They may have fallen off the ledge by your front door or slipped out of your handbag when you were eating lunch at work. Regardless of how you lost them, it’s important to keep your calm and call on an automotive locksmith for help.

Most people have a tendency to lose things from time to time. You can help prevent losing your car keys in the future by investing in one of those newfangled key finders that connect to your phone and help you locate them when they are misplaced.

If you have already spent an hour or two looking for your car keys and still haven’t found them, you will need to start the process of getting new ones made. To do this, you will need to provide the dealership or a locksmith with the vehicle identification number (VIN) and other key information.

Broken Car Keys

The old-fashioned metal key that turns the ignition cylinder is still used in many vehicles. These are fairly easy to replace because you can get a new key at most hardware stores, locksmiths, and some car dealerships. The problem is, a car thief can also easily copy this type of key.

Key fobs, which emit an electronic code that unlocks and starts the vehicle, are more difficult to duplicate. They can be replaced by the dealership, but only if you have proof of ownership (the vehicle registration or title should do this). The dealer may also charge for towing and for the new key to be electronically paired to your vehicle.

If your key fob is broken, call a locksmith that has experience with this type of vehicle. It is possible to try to fix it yourself with a pair of long-nose pliers, but you run the risk of further damaging the key or possibly making it unusable.

Car Lockouts

If you have a standard car key (the old-school kind that inserts into an ignition lock cylinder and turns) it’s relatively inexpensive to replace. Most hardware stores can cut you a new one for about $10. You can also go to your local dealer and buy a new key, but that’s usually much more expensive.

If your key fob is acting up, first try to reset it. Check the instructions in your owner’s manual, or look online for the procedure.

If that doesn’t work, call a locksmith. They’ll have special tools that can pick locks, and will be able to create a replacement for you. If your key has a transponder chip, though, you’ll need to get it programmed at the dealership, which will add $150 or more to the cost. You can also try to re-program your own key, but it’s complicated and time-consuming. You’ll need your car’s VIN number, which is usually written on your registration or title document.

Car Key Replacement DC

A key loss or breakage is a nightmare scenario that can leave you without a way to get around. A faulty remote can make things even worse.

Modern car keys come with a chip built in that transmits a code to your car to let it unlock the doors and start the engine. They also feature a small fob remote that can control some functions. If you have one of these keys, a local locksmith can usually create a replacement for about $160.

If your car was manufactured before 1981, you can likely find a standard key at a local hardware store or at an auto locksmith. However, you will need to take your new key to the dealer or a professional locksmith to have it programmed to work with your vehicle.

Some automotive dealers will do the programming for free, while others may charge up to an hour of labor. If you need to program a key fob yourself, most automakers provide instructions in their owner’s manuals.